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Simple Notes

Développeur eigenein

Taking notes - as easy as it can be. Simple, fast, intuitive, lightweight notepad.
Create your notes on the fly with Simple Notes. It provides quick and simple notepad experience. A must have app for taking notes, draft messages or emails, shopping or to-do lists, schedules, and saving some text for future use.
Creating and editing notes is easy and secure with Simple Notes. You can organize your notes using various sorting options, and you can easily search through your notes. Each note has adjustable text size to suite your preferences.
Very fast, intuitive and lightweight notepad app loads instantly. Simple monochrome user interface makes the app retro and classy. Fast navigation through your text notes. Capture and organize your ideas easily.
Key features:- Safe notes preview without editing- Changeable text size of each note- Easy navigation between notes- Monochrome interface- Sort notes by title and date- Search notes